How to Maintain a Light Colour Sofa

The living room of a house would perhaps look elegant and classy with a light-coloured sofa. It would also make for a wonderful option if you wish to add tranquil neutral tones to your room to make it feel lighter. However, if you don’t know how to properly care for it, buying light-coloured furniture could seem frightening.
Although some sofa sets could have their own cleaning rules, it’s always a good idea to be well-aware. If you are thinking how to take care of light, you are at the perfect place. Use the below tips for extra cleaning suggestions after reading the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. However, if the material of your sofa calls for very precise cleaning instructions, try to adhere to them as strictly as you can.

  1. Make a good choice for your upholstery

When selecting a light-colour sofa, the upholstery can make all the difference. Faux leather is typically easier to keep and clean than fabric ones. So ensure that you buy a faux leather sofa for your convenience.

  1. Ensure to protect your light-colour sofa from stains

It is always recommended to maintain upholstery items before they get ruined. This is undoubtedly true while maintaining your light-coloured sofa. Try avoiding eating or drinking near the couch to save money on a costly professional cleaning fee. The best care tactic for light-coloured sofas is to prevent things that can easily stain them. This covers beverages and beauty products with artificial colouring, such as nail paint and to remove nail paint stains, it is a tough job. Instead, apply makeup at your vanity and keep the couch for lounging!

  1. Ensure to vacuum your fabric sofas

Do you often wonder how to clean a couch made of fabric? Vacuuming needs to be your primary course of action in that case. To prevent dirt and dust from building up on your couches and other furniture, vacuum frequently. You can opt to dry-brush your sofa set if you don’t have a vacuum. Also, by doing this, you can prevent allergies from sticking to the furniture’s surface.

  1. Timely dry cleaning

In addition to your normal vacuuming, have them dry cleaned as needed. Today, it is simpler than ever to maintain light coloured sofas because to the many affordable visit-at-home services accessible.

  1. Quick action

It goes without saying that dealing with stains on light-colour furniture right away will spare you a lot of grief down the road. Take rapid action if you do spill something on your sofa. Make use of mild liquid soap and hot water. Use a white or neutral-colour cloth as a method to prevent colour leak onto your sofa. A vinegar and baking soda combination can be used to remove chocolate stains of more difficult stains.

  1. Maintain Light Colour Sofas with Baking Soda

Do you live somewhere where the air is usually humid or do you have pets? Your light-coloured sofas may retain the smell much more rapidly. However, there is a straightforward technique for keeping light-coloured sofas clean even in these situations.
Sprinkle some baking soda on your couch to get rid of any remaining smell. The couch should next be gently vacuumed to get rid of any remaining loose powder. You can also use a baking soda and water solution to get rid of any stains it might have. Baking soda will also act as a deodorizer and reduce the vomit odour and other smells.
Also, try the wet approach only if it is mentioned in the guide. Be sure to carry out a small patch test before undertaking these cleaning methods.

  1. Try shifting your sofa for a short duration

What better way to save a light-colour sofa than to relocate or temporarily cover it? To avoid stains, think about temporarily moving your light-colour sofa to another room. Just cover your light-colour sofas with a covering if you have visitors and need extra seats. The best investment you can make to keep light-colour sofas is a covering.


  1. Move your sofas to avoid excess sun exposure

While searching for a new apartment, homeowners usually look for wide windows that let in natural light. But, it can occasionally be challenging to maintain a light colour couch in a room with lots of windows. The easiest way to prevent fading is to keep it away from direct sunlight. To prevent the sun from beaming in the same spot all the time, ensure moving your sofa around. By doing this, one section won’t fade out faster than the others.

Sofa Under Sunlight in Home

  1. Change Your Seat Often

Don’t always sit in the same place. Keep moving so that your preferred spot doesn’t slump and attract more dirt than others. Fluff the cushions frequently because lighter couches reveal creases and indentations more than darker or strongly patterned couches. This is a simple yet effective way to maintain the cleanliness of your light-colour sofas at home.

  1. Using Hot Water

Stains can usually be cleaned with hot water and dish soap if immediate action is taken on stains. In order to avoid colour leakage from the duster itself, the trick to use a white or neutral-colour fabric. To get rid of tougher stains, combine baking soda and vinegar.


Thus, the above tips can help you maintain your valuable sofa. Nonetheless, make sure to consult the instructions in the manual. The hot water method might not work with some textiles or materials.
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