Lounge Cleaning That Makes Your Furniture a New One

Many people are very keen on their home furniture. Upholstery is the real beauty of the home. Besides that, it consists of a major portion of our home interior. It is an important and expensive part of the home.

Cleaning Makes your Upholstery Long Lasting

We should take appropriate care of the upholstery to keep them in proper condition and good usability state. As per the manufacturer’s instructions, good Professional care is needed at least once in a year to maintain the look and life of the upholstery.

How to Take Care of Your Lounge

Cleaning sofa and Lounge Suite is not difficult in regular day to day life. Every homemaker does vacuuming and dusting in order to keep it clean. But sometimes regular care is not enough. You need a detailed Lounge Couch Cleaning if some stains or any other nasty dirt Mark’s are there. Use of chemical is not always good both for your hand and the upholstery. So here we suggest you some manual no chemical technique to eliminate the dirt and stain from your home furniture.

Lounge Cleaning Services
Lounge Cleaning Services

How to Clean a Leather Couch

  • For usual day to day routine, Leather Couch cleaning uses warm soapy water solution. You should be very careful in selecting the soap. It should be very mild like Dove. Damp a clean soft cloth into the soapy solution and gently wipe the couch all over. But in no time wipe it over gently with a dry cloth to absorb the moisture if any to make it dry completely.
  • For better leather shine you can use a leather conditioner. You can get it at the market or can make it on your home by following some household technique. This homemade leather conditioner protects the leather and keeps it looking good for a long time. To start with the process of making your homemade leather conditioner, make a solution of mix one part white vinegar with two parts linseed oil. You can use olive oil in place of linseed oil. Gently wipe the mixture all over the lounge smoothly, allow it to sit for some time. Then dry it off with a clean microfibre cloth.
  • Be careful and do not ever try direct vinegar or straight alcohol containing baby wipes. These products strip moisture from your leather upholstery resulting crack to it.
  • To eliminate the old stains from your Leather Couch you can use toothpaste or mild hairspray.  Before using the product it is better to go for a patch testing first. Immediately wipe off the toothpaste and hairspray. Repeat the same process until the stain is visible.
Expert Lounge Cleaning Services
Expert Lounge Cleaning Services

Whom to Trust?

We Mark’s Upholstery Cleaning are the best recommended professional Leather Couch cleaning services at your area. Book us today. We can assure you of a prolonged life of home furniture. We are not very expensive. Investing money in Leather sofa and Couch Cleaning Adelaide is not wastage of money. Now we are available on Sundays and holidays.