How to Maintain Leather Upholstery Furniture

Leather furniture gives a classy and beautiful look to your room designs, but it needs more attention than fabric furniture. Though leather furniture is more durable if you don’t care properly it starts cracking and losing color. Owners can do proper maintenance of leather furniture by following some simple steps.

Do’s to Maintain Leather Upholstery

  • If you want to look leather furniture sharp, dusting an easy way you can do. Furniture dusters can easily clean the tough to reach areas. Regularly dusting give the leather a vibrant look and stop the dirt from working into creases. Another important tool is vacuum cleaner that can clean the hidden debris and crumbs. Always use a soft brush in the vacuum cleaner and run it on the entire furniture.
  • Always cover the leather furniture with a lightweight cover or sheets when you don’t use them. This is the best way to protect it from dust and you don’t have to clean them regularly. Covering the furniture also protect them from sunlight which can crack or dry the leather. Homeowners can think about slipcovers that are more effective to keep the grime and grease away from the leather. Remember every time you uncover the leather furniture clean and condition them so that they look better every time.
  • Only cleaning is not always enough for the leather, conditioning them often is also an important task. Many products are available in the market for wiping the leather furniture, but you should consider the suitable one for your furniture. Follow the manufactures instruction to know about the best conditioning product for your leather upholstery. Saddle soap is an effective one to remove dirt and improve the appearance of the furniture. One can use hide food, a special product to refresh the upholstery.

Don’ts to Maintaining Leather Furniture

  • Neglecting the leather furniture is the worst thing that shortens the lifespan of the furniture. Most of the owners think that their leather chairs and cushions don’t need special care. But like human beings furniture also respond to care and attention and without proper care they will damage soon.
  • If you find any stains on leather remove them as soon as possible. Don’t let them set into the leather because they can discolor your furniture. Take a soft and dry cloth, also you can use cleaning products to blot the area. Remember that oily stains need more attention than other stains.

    Upholstery Stain Removal Services Melbourne

    Upholstery Stain Removal Services Melbourne

  • Different leathers are used to make different fu rniture and cleaning products may vary according to the type of the leather. If you are not aware of the suitable products for your leather furniture it can cause heavy damage. Owners must test the conditioners and cleaners before using them on the upholstery. Choose a small corner of the furniture, pour a little amount of the cleaning product and see the effects.

Maybe, you don’t find these process so effective instantly, but over the time these steps will protect your leather upholstery.

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