Upholstery cleaning gets important when the mould starts spreading. Moulds are very contagious, they spread very fast. It’s a fungus that can grow nearly anywhere, including on your couch or furniture. It is important to remove it as soon as possible because it’s harmful to fabric and can damage it quickly. You have to act fast in order to get rid of mould, it can be harmful to your health and family. Upholstery cleaning is must or if you find it difficult doing it by your own or you don’t have time, you can trust and call upholstery cleaning service Melbourne to maintain your furniture and have a good as new as a fresh look. There are some home remedies, which you can use to clean the mould.

Follow the method given below in which we give you a mould free upholstery;

  • Supplies-

    A respirator and gloves.

    Full sleeves shirt and pants.

    Dry cleaner

    Vacuum cleaner with an installed filter.

    White vinegar and rubbing alcohol.

  • Cleaning method-

    Clean the upholstery in an open place, where sunlight can reach.
    Sunline helps in getting rid of mould fast, it kills the mould and prevents it from spreading further.

    Take a brush and wipe the spotted area where the mould is present. After scrubbing clean it with fresh water. Then again repeat this process until the mould doesn’t get removed. Do not use the same brush on the unaffected area or it’ll spread there as well.

  • Dry cleaning-

    Use a dry cleaner and run it thoroughly on your upholstery. If the mould has spread in a big quantity use mild detergent on the affected area of upholstery. Scrub the area with a sponge or clean cloth. After that clean it with a clean wet cloth. Leave the upholstery for a few hours in the sun and let it dry completely. After this gently start vacuuming the remaining dust and bacteria particles from the upholstery.

    Upholstery Dry Cleaning Service

    Upholstery Dry Cleaning Service

  • Method of using the mixture-

    When the upholstery is completely dry bring it inside your home and spray rubbing alcohol to prevent mould from infests again. Alcohol is a great substance in removing the mould fast. If you don’t have to rub alcohol or don’t want to use it. You can use a mixture of equal white vinegar and water and then spray it on the affected area. Remember the mould only infests in moist in a humid place, so make sure your home atmosphere shouldn’t be humid. Sometimes, the mould deeply goes into the fibre of upholstery, in that case buying a new upholstery is the best choice.

Benefits of hiring a Professional Upholstery cleaner

You can contact the professional’s upholstery cleaners in Melbourne.

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How to Kill Mold on Upholstery?

How to Kill Mold on Upholstery?

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