DIY tips to remove the leather upholstery stains

Has road salt got stuck in your new leather shoe? Are you struggling to remove the ink stain from your leather sofa? Well, this is the problem with leather goods. The Dust easily gets mapped within the leather products and makes it look so dull and diminish the glow of the product. We use a variety of leather goods in our day to day life. We spend more expense on buying the leather made goods but it soon looks old because of the dust accumulation. When some stain stick to the leather it is a tedious process to remove the stain from it.

Certain leather cleaning materials can spoil the look making it discolored. Getting rid of stains is not impossible. Here are some simple tips to remove the stubborn stain from your leather goods. These methods also bring back the brightness of the leather and make it look new again. You can do all of this by yourself.

DIY- tip for cleaning leather upholstery

  • Vinegar not only adds flavor to the food but it is also a bad enemy to the stain. Take equal proportion of water and vinegar, mix it in the bowl, take a soft cloth or cotton, dip it in the solution and wipe it over the stained side of the leather. On several wipes, the stain goes off.
  • Moisturizing soaps glows the leather too. The skin moisturizing soaps are the best to wipes away the stains. Remember not to wet the leather more with the water. Gentle wipes over the stains are more than enough.
  • Have you ever tried pouring alcohol over the tough irremovable ink stains in the leather upholstery? If you haven’t then please do try it. You will sure get amused with the results.
  • Lemons act well on removing the dirt particles. From the skin to shoe, lemons act well with the dirt and remove it completely from the leather.
  • Make your leather shine brighter by simply applying coconut oil over your leather shoes. Even costly polishes won’t be able to stand with the quality of coconut oil.
  • The small amount of bleaching powder or the paste of baking powder and water acts as the active agent to the dirt and the stains on the leather.

Not only the sofa, purse and shoes, even these methods can be used in leather jackets too. The leather upholstery must not be treated more with water. This may make the leather to lose its strength. Usage of the mild products and leather solutions will make the leather live a long life. So stop worrying about the stain. Just do this simple homemade hacks to wipe away the dirt and make your leather glow like new.

How can a professional leather upholstery cleaning service help you

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Services Melbourne

Leather Upholstery Cleaning Services Melbourne

In case you want to keep your leather free from stains, avoid making it discolored and keep it new forever, you can take the help of professional leather upholstery cleaning service. The professionals have an in depth knowledge about the leather cleaning technique and use different chemicals in desired quantity to ensure that quality is maintained while cleaning the leather upholstery. They have advanced equipment to catch the dirt and stains from hard to reach places. If you are looking for a reliable and trusted leather upholstery cleaning service, then Mark’s Upholstery Cleaning is a leader in all such services. The years of experience and wisdom and having served thousands of clients, it is one companies providing leather cleaning services.  They are not just engaged in leather cleaning but a host of other cleaning services as well such as carpet cleaning, tiles cleaning, mattress cleaning etc.

All you need to do is , give them a call on their  1800 133 326 and get a professional right at your doorstep within time without any delay with a kit. The professionals take proper care of the hygiene and also sanitize your leather upholstery with a refreshing sanitizer. Get ready to renovate your leather upholstery in the best possible manner with the help of their expert services.

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