Will you clean my upholstery at my home only or will you clean it off site?

We prefer to clean all of your upholstery at your home only. This saves time and ensures that you get to see, what is being done to your expensive upholstery, with your own eyes. However, if you wish then we can even arrange for offsite cleaning. Customer satisfaction is our topmost priority and we ensure that you get satisfactory service at every step from Marks Upholstery Cleaning.

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I do not know the fabric of my furniture; can you ensure it will not be damaged during cleaning?

Yes, with Marks Duct Cleaning you don’t have to worry about it. Our skilled cleaners have years’ of experience to back their talent. They are very well aware of all sorts of fabrics of upholstery and what kind of cleaning method suits which fabric; because a single cleaning method does not do justice to all kinds of upholstery fabrics. So even if you do not see a fabric tag on your furniture, leave it to us, we will take good care of it!

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Cleaning products are available in market. Why should I choose professional cleaning?

Commercial cleaning products could do more harm than cleaning to your valuable upholstery/furniture. They consist of chemicals that could be dangerous for not just the upholstery but for the inhabitants of the house too. On the contrary, reputed professional cleaners like Marks Upholstery Cleaning do not use any chemicals in cleaning solutions. All of our cleaning solutions are made of purely biodegradable ingredients and thus they are harmless on your upholstery.
Also, professional cleaners like Marks Duct Cleaners have the latest equipment and technology along with skilled technicians who are highly experienced in their profession. Therefore, you should get your upholstery professionally cleaned once in a while for best results.

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Will there be any chemical residues after upholstery cleaning?

No, we make sure that no residues are left on your upholstery once we are done with our cleaning job. Also, because we do not like to use any sort of chemicals in our cleaning solutions you can be sure that your upholstery won’t be spoiled by any chemicals. Our cleaners properly sanitize your upholstery as the final step of upholstery cleaning so that nothing but the cleanest upholstery is what you get!

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How is Marks Upholstery Cleaning different?

Marks Upholstery Cleaning has a unique identity of its own in Melbourne. Our customers love coming back to us for all their cleaning requirements. Such level of customer satisfaction has been achieved by a consistent quality performance and high class customer service. Certain factors that make us different from our competitors are:

  1. Flexible Timing
  2. Cost-effective solutions
  3. Experienced and trained technicians
  4. Emergency service
  5. Expert stain removal
  6. Odor removal specialist
  7. Insured company

For an unbeatable cleaning experience, call us for a free quote!

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How to Clean Microfiber Upholstered Sofa?

There is simple and easy method to clean microfiber upholstered sofa and if you follow it properly then you can clean that favorite sofa of yours on your own at home.

  1. First of all, vacuum the sofa as most of the times contaminants will be found on the surface of microfiber upholstery. Contaminants are unable to enter deep in this fabric and hence vacuuming does the major part.
  2. Once vacuuming is done, you have to take a clean and dry brush to rub your sofa with. Scrub the stains with this brush and get rid of any crunchy spills. Do remove all the cushions and pillows before going to this step.
  3. Now you need to read the instructions mentioned on the tag that comes from the manufacturer. This will tell you which solution to use for your sofa. If it says W then you can use water-based solution, if it says S then you have to use water-free solvent, if it reads S/W then you can use either but if it says X then you can use none of them.
  4. When you know which cleaning solution is to be used, you have to find the right solvent for your sofa. For water-based solutions you can use mild dish detergent, upholstery shampoo or gentle soap. For water-free solvents you can pick gin, vodka, dry cleaning solution, baby wipes, or lighter fluids.
  5. After cleaning the sofa with proper solution, you need to work on the stains. Apply the solution on the stains and with the help of a paper towel soak the excess liquid.
  6. Lastly, you need to pick up the clean and dry brush again to ensure your sofa does not remain hard even after the cleaning is done.

You should always keep in mind that acetone and bleach could damage microfiber and hence you should not use any solutions that consist of these ingredients. And in case you don’t feel sure about the right cleaning process, it is best to hire professionals!

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How often should I get my upholstery professionally cleaned?

If you have an active family and have kids and pets at home then you should get your upholstery cleaned at once a year. You might need the cleaning twice a year if the upholstery is rigorously used. And if you do not use it much often and you don’t even live in that house round the year, then you can delay it a bit and get it cleaned once in 2 years.

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Is fabric and leather upholstery treated in the same manner?

No, both are different and should be treated differently. At Marks Upholstery Cleaning, our skilled cleaners are trained to identify the difference between fabric and leather upholstery and they know how to treat each of them with the appropriate cleaning method. We never use the same cleaning method for all kinds of upholstery because that is the not the way it should be done.
You can trust us as we have over a decade’s experience in upholstery cleaning and we know how each kind of upholstery should be cleaned with the most fitting method.

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Is there any assurance for your upholstery cleaning services?

We have more than 20 years of experience in upholstery cleaning and have always brought a smile on our client’s face with our valuable, flawless service. Our cleaning services have changed the way people looked at their upholstery in Melbourne and we strive to keep our customers happy with all our services. So when you hire us for upholstery cleaning, we give you complete assurance that your satisfaction will be the only aim for our cleaners.

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Can you get rid of pet urine stains from my upholstery?

Marks Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne has an expert hand in removing pet stains and pet odours from your upholstery. We have designed exclusive cleaning solutions that give a brand new look to your upholstery by getting rid of all kinds of stains and odours. Welcome a breath of fresh air with our upholstery cleaning services.

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Can you ensure stain removal from my upholstery?

Marks Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne is a name to trust upon. Our 20 years of experience speaks for our skills. Our experts have been trained to make your upholstery look spotlessly clean with no stains at all. However, there are certain stains that cannot be eliminated completely. If our cleaners find any such stains, you will be informed about them beforehand before they begin their job. But we promise to do our best to provide complete stain removal from your upholstery.

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What is your upholstery cleaning process?

The trained professionals at Marks Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne adhere to the following cleaning process for restoring your precious upholstery:

  1. Pre inspecting
  2. Pre-vacuuming
  3. Pre-spraying
  4. Agitation
  5. Hot water extraction
  6. Grooming
  7. Final checking

From the initial inspection to final check we make sure that your upholstery gets the best service. And we treat each item of furniture with special care. Call us to give a new look to your upholstery.

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How often should I get my office upholstered chairs cleaned?

It has been found that commercial upholstery gets dirtier as compared to residential upholstery. Even the wear and tear is more in the commercial furniture. At home only you and your family have to use the furniture but in any commercial complex, there are numerous kinds of people who use such upholstered furniture. Therefore, it is advisable to get your office upholstered chairs cleaned at least once every year to keep them clean and hygienic. And in case there is a heavy usage, you can consider using cleaning services twice a year too. The enhanced work environment and extended life of the upholstery will cover up the cleaning costs.

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What is your industry experience in upholstery cleaning?

We have industry experience of more than two decades. Try our experienced upholstery cleaning services to give a new life to your upholstery.      

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The manufacturer’s recommendation is to use a dry cleaning method for cleaning my upholstered furniture. Can your company cater me?

Yes, It is a manufacturers recommendation to go for a dry cleaning method for your furniture cleaning. We can do it for you. As it is a special case, it needs more care. So here we will go for a sample test. The fabric of your furniture will be tested to determine which cleaning process is to be followed. Thus we can go with be the safest and most effective cleaning method. Many often it has been seen that the manufacturer recommended cleaning method may not be the most effective method for removing soil.

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  • What kind of upholstery do you clean?

    We are one of the finest upholstery cleaning companies in Melbourne. We are capable of handling all sort of upholstery – be it of any size or fabric. We clean sofa sets, couches, Dining tables, chairs, and drapes etc.

  • Are you available on weekends?

    Yes, we do work on weekends too. We know that you are busy the entire week this is why we provide upholstery cleaning services on weekends as well. After all your demand is our command!

  • How much do I need to pay?

    Marks Upholstery cleaning services are available at an affordable price. However, for an exact free quote we request you to give us a call with your details and we will let you know. With us you can be sure that cleaning services don’t burden your pockets!

  • Will you take advance payment?

    No, why should we. You only have to pay once you are completely satisfied with the upholstery cleaning job performed by our certified cleaners.

  • What chemicals do you use for cleaning?

    We are in love with our environment and none of our processes/machines/solutions have any side effect on it. We strictly adhere to our policy of using ONLY 100% bio-degradable products for all our cleaning methods.

  • Can you repair my sofa sets/chairs?

    Yes, we do take up upholstery repairing projects too. Cleaning without maintenance is incomplete and we aim to restore your upholstery in every sense. Give us the details and our cleaners will do the necessary repair at a modest cost.

  • Why should I choose your services?

    Marks Upholstery Cleaning is a name in the industry to reckon with! We have been catering to residential as well as commercial projects for more than a decade. We have an enthusiastic team of certified, qualified, trained, and insured cleaners. We work round the clock and take same day and emergency cleaning calls. We use only eco-friendly products. Our fabric-friendly processes do not ruin the color or fabric of your upholstery. We not just clean but sanitize and deodorize your upholstery too. We are affordable! These are some of the reasons why our customers love coming back to us again and again.

  • Where are your services available?

    We provide upholstery cleaning services throughout Melbourne and cover all the suburbs in Melbourne. So no matter which part of Melbourne you are in, we can do wonders with your upholstery!

  • How to get in touch?

    We are literally a call away! All you have to do is call us at 0421830164 to avail our upholstery cleaning services. Or you can even fill up the form and our customer care associates will get back to you.

  • Are your cleaners insured?

    Yes, all our cleaners are completely insured to provide utmost customer satisfaction.

Great lounge cleaning result

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Mark, would like to thank you for doing our our third fantastic and fulfilling couch cleaning in two weeks. The turnaround times were amazing, the price even better. Thanks.

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When I told them I was not happy with the upholstery sanitization process, they happily did it again for me. I feel lucky to have found this company that cares so much about their customers. – Garcia
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